Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! This is my third year participating in the awesomeness that is Yuletide. If you are reading this letter then you have:

a) been assigned to me (I’m sorry)

b) share fandoms and are considering writing me a treat (yes please)


c) know me personally and want to see how many typos I could make (LOADS)

I love all three of you.


Things I am into, fic-wise:

Conversation, Humor, Narrative Hijinks, Character Study with Unusual Perspectives, Friendship, Multi-Media Fic, Canon Interpretation, Narrative Experimentation, Non-Traditional POV, Complicated Friendships, AUs of all stripes (Genderflips, Different Time Periods, Jobs, Role Reversals, etc), Road Trips, Longing, Sudden Development of Feelings Catching The Stubborn by Surprise, Secret Identities, Porn with Feelings, Smut, Snark, Smarts, Lyricism, Sweetness, Sadness, Happiness, Capers, or Just Two People Talking All Night

Things I am not into, fic-wise:

Torture Porn, Straight Canon Rehash, Unrealistic Depictions of Pregnancy, OC Kid-Fic, Fecal Business, Rape, Non-Con, Character Bashing, ALL CAPS SERIOUSNESS


Below are SIX fandom requests so you have some choice:

1. Selfie


Originally posted by tellmetofeel

Characters: Eliza Dooley, Henry Higgs

Precious bon bon of a show, taken from me too soon. I love Pygmalion, any version, and this take was sweet and light and unexpectedly touching. I LOVED Gillan’s giraffe-woman party girl Eliza and Cho’s serious, slightly melancholy Henry, loved the two of them together, and wanted to see much more of their mutual mentoring. I’d be happy with anything here–a season two continuation, an AU, an exploration of that universe with a little more of the source material woven in. It all sounds good.

my Selfie tag


2. Luke Cage


Originally posted by chekovpavels

Characters: Mariah Dillard

I am very interested in Mariah’s journey on this show, particularly in the context of her slowly becoming Mama Mabel’s true heir. There are so many shadings to her–how she legitimately wants to improve Harlem, how she worked to revise her family legacy so that it wasn’t about violence but about improving the neighborhood. It’s a kind of denial that I find super interesting.

I’d love to see some more of her relationship with Misty Knight, particularly post show’s close.

PS Mariah x Shades: Okay, these two are not my usual thing–super baddies who may or may not be playing each other–but I found them so compelling. There’s so much to unpack here. What is Alvarez’s deal? How does he know Mariah? He implies that they’ve met but when? And how? Does Mariah even like him or is she just doing what she knows he wants? I NEED TO KNOW. They say very little to one another besides, you know, murder logistics–I want to read more. I AM FASCINATED BY THEIR WEIRD SEXUAL ENERGY.

my Luke Cage tag


3. You’re The Worst


Originally posted by boberly

Characters: Edgar Quintero, Lindsay Jillian, Jimmy Shive-Overly, Gretchen Cutler

It is one of my many fic-enabling missions in life to see the YTW library grow on AO3 so here we are again. I want to mix it up this year and request an Edgar Quintero story. It can be funny and sad, I’d love for Lindsay to be involved (because they’re the “sidekicks” right? Ha ha ha, nope.), Jimmy and Gretchen in the background, Vernon, Dorothy, anybody–just give me an Edgar-centric tale with some Lindsay thrown in. It could be a fantasy where Edgar moves out finally and can’t get rid of these idiots, or it could be a story about Edgar selling weed to Jimmy back in the day (and unknowingly crossing paths with Lindsay). I’m game for it all.

my YTW tag


4. My Mad Fat Diary


Originally posted by claaptondontdance

Characters: Rae Earl, Finn Nelson, Chloe Gemmel, Kester Gill

One of my favorite things is that time right before people actually get together, when no one seems to know anything. I’d love to read more about the time before Rae and Finn start seeing one another. I want to see what led to Finn thinking Rae was “sound” and what led Rae to imagine Finn as that Centurion. Both of those happen before their big sea change scenes–the phone call at the party for him, Finn sticking up for her to the Jabba-calling crew–what were the little things that led up to that? Give me all the swoony, teenage realism and of course, music.

PS I am very pro-Chloe Gemmel and while season one featured some of Chloe’s more questionable friend choices, I would prefer not to see her bashed or turned into a panto villain.

my Mad Fat Diary Tag


5. Romancing The Stone


Originally posted by mese-habbal

Characters: Joan Wilder, Jack T. Colton

This is a childhood favorite and basically IS fic. You can erase the second film entirely (yes, let’s) and come up with another adventure OR you can go outside the box and update it for 2016. You could take these two anywhere, on any caper, and it would be so much fun.

my Romancing The Stone tag


6. Notorious


Originally posted by wernerherzogs-daughter

Characters: Alicia Huberman, T.R. Devlin

SPIES. Secrets. Miscommunication. Fake-out make-outs. Flirting to mutual antipathy to full on romance to lying to each other’s faces because of FEELINGS.

My favorite thing about these two is that they are both presenting their worst selves in order to protect themselves. So they’re both selling people that no longer exist while doing the very same in their intelligence work.

(Screams with joy.)

This is totally my jam and if you like these guys as much as I do, then I know I’m going to love what you do.


SO there they are, so many random fandom choices! Sweethearts, snakes, action romance, PTSD, recovery, teens, grown ups, tropes, realism.

If you want additional insight into my fic likes/dislikes, my pal, @bryrosea, who is the nicest human on tumblr, can fill you in AND keep your identity a secret from me because she is a pro.

Here is a link to my AO3 page.

Thank you, Yuletide writer! I can’t wait for your gift!